March 21, 2002

Hi, I am Aaron Matthew Xue, born at 4:07am on Tusday March 19, 2002, in Norman Regional Hospital, Oklahoma (which is in the middle of the United States). The doctor planned my delivery on March 21, which happens to be my Dad's birthday (he was happy about the plan). But I did not want to share the same birthday as my dad, so I came to the world two days earlier. Who wants to share a birthday with an old man, anyway.

I was born a little small, only weighing 5 pounds. But the doctor said I was perfectly healthy, just need to drink a lot of mum's sweet milk, and I will grow in no time, perhaps too quickly than my mum would want me to (you know, when I am grown, I won't be as cute).

When I came to this world, I pretty much behaved myself. I did not cause too much pain to my mum's tummy. I thought that was the least I could do to show my mum my love to her. I know that she is overjoyed about my birth and didn't mind that if I was a little naughtier.

My dad was very happy about me too (not necessarily about the birthday part though), judging from the way he holds me.

My grand parents flew all the way from China on Satauday, just in time for my birth. You see, I wasn't that naughty, I waited until that my grandma and grandpa had arrived and had one full day of rest before I decided it was my time into this world. Well, actually, my mum and dad told me that it was the God who decided, me. They are probably right.

Witnessed my birth was also my American grandma, dear Pat Yokley. My grandpa Howard Yokley was right outside my birth room (which was, by the way, very nice). Both of them are so special to my mum and dad and they are special to me too. They consider me their own grandson. The one who holds me with in the picture above is Nana Pat. I promise that I will show you pictures of her and Howard soon.

The nurse aunts who took care of me and my mum are wonderful. I love them.

Feel free to look at the following pictures of mine. They were taken minutes after my birth, except for the one with my mum, which was taken in the day following my birth. I am sorry that I do not have an e-mail account yet. If you want to contact me, you can use my dad's e-mail address,, and you will messages will get to me. Also feel free to tell those who might like to know about my birth. I don't mind.

Finally, they say that I should thank God for bringing me to this world, and for creating me in the first place. I trust them.