List of Archived data

Realtime analysis and forecast output are at stratus:/data/arpscntl/work, organized according to runs. Entire directories for each of the runs are saved in NCSA mass store under Ming Xue's account (mxue). These directories contain all input and output files used/generated for the real time run.

Observation data and Eta gridded data are at stratus:/data1/arpscntl/datafiles. Special data sets not used during real time will also be collected and placed there. Conventional data, including rawinsondes, profilers, standard surface station, OK mesonet, MDCRS, buoy data are found in lapsprd directory. Level II data are found in nexrad directory and NIDS data in nids directory. Directory ARMdadimetricProfiles contains radiometric profiler data from ARM central facility cite.

The web products of our IHOP 2002 real time forecast can be found on disk stratus:/data/arpscntl/www/wx/p.

The above directories are also accessible from cirrus, twister and front, under the same name.

IHOP Data Sets archived by UCAR JOSS (Join Office for Science Support) at

NCAR Mass Storge Data Archive

List of CAPS Archival Tapes No. 1-899, and No. 900+.

NCDC Radar data archive - Both Level II and Level III data can be ordered online and downloaded later via ftp.