Class Policies

Students are expected to attend all lectures. Persistent absence from class will result in penalty of up to 10% of the final score. Permission should be obtained in advanced for absence from class for special reasons.

Homework is due by the end of class on the required submission date. Students will be assessed a 10% penalty per day for late work, and work will not be accepted 3 days beyond the announced due date.

You can discuss homework problems with others but you have to complete the calculating (if any) and writing of the homework and report independently. Cheating (e.g., copying) is strictly forbidden. You will get a zero grade if  you copied from others. For university rules on academic integrity, consult!

Two in-class examinations will be given during the regular lecture period (dates to be determined).

The final examination is comprehensive and will be held in a two-hour period based on univerity final exam schedule. Everyone is expected to take the final, and only under extreme circumstances (e.g., death in the family), will a student be allowed to take a make-up final.

You are encouraged to see me during office hours, or to make special appointments. The best way to reach me is via e-mail at address

Please take advantage of my office hours! DO NOT wait until the exam time to begin studying! The best way to ensure success is to keep up with the course material and to ask questions.

Finally, HAVE FUN!  In this course, we will try to understand many of the atmospheric phenomena that we encounter in real life and they are very relevant to your career as a meteorologist! Most weather that we see occur on the mesoscales!